Thursday, November 10, 2005

Missionary Support

Some close friends of ours have decided to pursue full-time mission. Raising support--asking for money--is the missionary's bread and butter. For most, it's also one of the most difficult aspects of missions work. They are wanting to approach this in a more relational way than the standard form letter with boxes to check. But I told them, hey, I want boxes to check!

So here is what they came up with:

We realize that the inevitable must happen...we've got to work on our support base. We've agonized (maybe a bit melodramatic) over how to go about this and in the end decided that a letter with lots of boxes to check was indeed the best way to go. Yours is the pilot, you are the guinea pigs, so please feel free to give us feedback...Ready? here we go.....

Do you like us?
____yes, a lot
____would rather not say

Do you think others like us?
____yes, a lot
____ask someone else

Do you think we need a covering?
____like hell
____what do you think?

Would you consider supporting us through
____daily, hour long intercession
____monthly donation
____one time gift (you can check all three)

If donating monthly, how much?

Can you be more specific?

If yes, would you like to be
____li'l helper ($0-20)
____buckaroo ($20-50)
____howdy partner ($50-100)
____howdy doody partner ($100-300)
____covenant partner ($300-500)
____Daddy Warbucks ($500-1000)

Covenant partners and Daddy Warbucks supporters will receive a complementary gift - your choice of:
____gilded gold and porcelain eagle figurine/music box that plays the popular tune "Proud to Be an American"
____handy little penlight/key chain that plays the joyful song "This Little Light of Mine" (a great witnessing tool)
____a gift box set of the books, Pagans, What's a Christian To Do? and Help! I Have Pagans for Neighbors!

How often would you like to receive our newsletter?
____whenever we feel like sending one
____quarterly, whether anyone has gotten saved through our ministry or not

As a supporter, how often would you like us to go to all the trouble and expense to fly home to "meet with you"?
____every other week
____once a year
____"hell, we're coming to see you, you live in Hawaii for crying out loud"

Please list the names and email addresses of as many people as you can think of who would like to be included in our support network, thereby insuring quality relationship with us. (You need not have relationship with them to list them).

Of course, if any of you are truly interested in supporting them, I would compromise my anonymous status in order to help them out.

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