Saturday, July 23, 2005

Too hot to blog!

Instead of writing, I redecorated my site today.

Do guys do this to their blogs, or is that a girl thing?

My old template seemed too conservative and serious.

This one seems lighter, brighter, and cooler.
(Did I mention that it's hot?!)

In switching templates, I lost the links to some of my favorite blogs, but I can find most of them on planet emergent or dtour.

I also did some techie stuff today. I am now linked to technorati, although I have no idea what that means.

I swore my husband to secrecy about my blog. He let it slip to a friend though who tried searching for my site. I can't even find my own site when I google it.

I didn't give him the address. What's up with that? It seems kind of strange letting people I know read my thoughts.

I'm curious about what kind of comments Chad will get to his post today. If he's an emergent reject, than an emerging wannabe like myself might as well stay invisible. His is a valid question, what place do the nonprofessionals have in the conversation?

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