Sunday, July 24, 2005

Reactionary or Prophetic?

Reactionary, is that a bad thing?

There is a good discussion at Jason Evan's blog about whether emergent/emerging is a reactionary movement.

Jason says that "many that are tagged Emergent currently play a prophetic role in the Body."

Graham Old hopes that it doesn't become "a haven for pissed-off Christians."

I agree with The Krow that "a reactionary movement in many ways is good, it calls for reformation of the 'tradition' to view things in a different light."

Common characteristics of the prophetic emerging voice:
-Not bound to religious tradition, but dedicated to God
-Can discern right from wrong and interpret reality accordingly
-Willing to stand alone or be rejected for what is right
-Suffers loss because of challenging the system
-Speaks out and acts on truth even if it produces personal pain
-Is motivated to produce something authentic
Does this sound like you?

Many people involved in the emerging discussion have been hurt by their current or former churches because of challenging the system. Those who were involved in toxic faith systems have endured spiritual abuse, being labeled as troublemakers and pushed out. Those in healthier churches have gone through the pain and disappointment of being marginalized because of their beliefs as they became lone voices crying out for change.

While these might be the circumstances of our past, we don't want to be defined by those events. Healing from abuse and detoxing from church are both necessary processes in order to began building in a healthy way from a place of life and peace.

As those who see beyond the status quo, let's move forward in confidence, not with the intent to destroy what we have left behind, but rather with the vision to build what is in our hearts.


David Cho said...

Hello grace, this is David (aka profnachos). That is my struggle. Trying to keep it positive, and not to be defined by what I don't like about what I see in the Christian community.

I remember the Ross Perot movement back in the early 90's. They were a bunch of people who were angry at the political establishment, but their ticked off attitudes weren't enough to really change the country and the movement fizzled.

Will have to check out the "reactionary movement," but I am with you on this about not being defined by the circumstances of our past.

Robbymac said...

Todd Hunter (works with Alpha in the USA), once wrote these wise words of encouragement:

"I am not so much down on the church - and if I catch myself in such a state I severely rebuke myself - as I am 'up' on figuring out what it means to be the people of God: from creation, to Israel, to the church, to the renewed cosmos. What is God's ultimate intention in and through this Story?"

David Cho said...

Grace, I've been reading other posts. You have a very good, thoughtful and engaging writing style. I look forward to more.

grace said...

Thank you for your kind words David.

I know that God can use the painful circumstances of our past to create strength and compassion in us. That in turn can be used to serve those around us.

grace said...

You are a great encourager.

The quote you shared inspired my next post.

Thanks for stopping by.