Friday, July 22, 2005

Emerging for dummies

That was my alternate title for this blog. Surely there is a place in this conversation for those of us who don't care about impressive-sounding words and complicated theological dialogue.

The current debate among emergent/emerging leaders is probably a good thing. In the end, I think the conclusion will be an agreement to acknowledge the differences among those who identify themselves as emerging. This will hopefully be more inclusive of those of us who don't identify with everything that is being presented as emergent.

Sometimes I'm hesitant to include myself in the conversation because in many ways it doesn't fit me. I'm not really cool or postmodern. I might not even be modern. Maybe I should care, but most of the theological discussions leave me bored. Do people really talk this way?

I am looking for those whose ideas resonate with what is in my heart. Like a dinner party with many conversations happening at once, I am wondering what fascinating conversation I might be missing.

My interest is caught by those who are talking about how they are "contextualizing the gospel in the specific and unique culture in which they live." I am interested in those who are finding new ways to do church and be the church. As I said in an earlier post, I want to read about those who are doing the stuff - real life, real ministry.

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