Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Road Trip

This is sick.*

*(crazy, cool, insane)

It doesn't look like Shaun is the prop-your-bare-feet-on-the-dashboard kind of passenger.


Shannon said...

That's funny!

Cindy said...

i'll be so glad when DSL becomes available for us. i feel like i'm missing an awful lot- like this video.

[rhymes with kerouac] said...

"Think of how many people I can lead to Jesus 'cause I bought a $600 iPhone."

I'm going to be still be laughing at that next week!

grace said...

shannon and rhymes,
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm sorry you missed it. I hope you get DSL soon.

My teens liked it too. But they hate it when I say, "That was so sick!" (That's why I do it.)

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Hilarious (now you know one side of my sense of humor)

brad brisco said...

Just stop by and for some reason watch the whole video. Don't know these guys but this is very funny, yet disturbing on multiple fronts. "At a wedding I find the mother of the bride more attractive than the bride."

grace said...

Since I am "mother of the bride" age, I found it more endearing than disturbing. You might enjoy Shaun Grove's blog. He is deeper than he seems in the video. ;)

brad brisco said...

Sorry no disrespect meant! I meant "disturbing" in my 12 year old son's way, which is funny. Moreover, I was thinking from a younger guy saying that (although Shaun probably isn't that young) AND he did go on to say something about being drawn to the grandmother as well. Great sense of humor, and thanks I will check out Shaun's blog. As a side note, I always enjoy your thoughts on this and other blogs.