Wednesday, July 18, 2007

8 Brilliant Women Writers

I was recently tagged by Jared for an 8 things about me meme. Sorry I didn't get it done sooner Jared. When I was tagged for the 7 things about me meme, I dodged the bullet with the 7 books meme. Since I am plum out of fascinating tidbits about myself, this time I will introduce you to the writing of 8 brilliant women.

A Former Leader posted an awesome piece today comparing Midwives and Shepherds.

Shepherd: Understands that each person in their walk with God will have to find their own rhythm. Does not think that everyone will look the same – especially in the hardest moments. Does not have a cookie cutter plan for discipleship.
Traditional Pastor: Does not understand this at all. Has a dictated plan for everyone that usually looks like the plan that he has found to work for himself.

Mary wrote a passionate piece about the Idolatry of Excellence.

" did this idolatry of excellence make it into a community of believers when we read that Paul (who had more to boast about than many people do) chose to boast in his weaknesses, that the first is last and the last is first, that those with stained reputations and skeletons in their closets became great heroes in the Bible..."

Erin did a great job of discussing Bob Hyatt's recent article about Church. This nugget is from her reply to me in the comment section.

"...when I was involved in church my time slowly seeped away until I no longer had time to be with my friends, family, or community who are outside of my church. These days I am loving investing myself in relationships which I previously did not have time for because of church commitments."

Sonja in a post titled Missional vs. Consumerism touched on courtesy and respect as a very basic and fundamental part of having a missional attitude.

"So, I’m coming to learn that having a missional outlook embodies an entirely different attitude about being out in the world. It means being involved with the people I come into contact with, even if only superficially."

Pam has found herself in a place of incredible pain having recently lost both her father and a close friend. Her gift of expressing herself is especially honest and soul-touching as she shares her grief in her post Living Moment by Moment.

I was hesitant to share Pam's post on this list because it isn't just a piece of writing. It is a piece of her heart. Pam is always a brilliant writer, but in the midst of real pain, sometimes writing becomes something sacred. If you read about her private pain, please say a prayer for her also.

"Moment by moment, this is how I am living. Grief is no longer an unwelcome stranger, but has become a companion, a steady presence that grips my arm and leads me along the path. I will walk this course. I do not walk alone."

Cindy is busy painting (brilliantly, I'm sure!) I don't know if there is anyone more consistently insightful, not only in her own writing, but also in her comments around the blogosphere.

Makeesha passes along lots of interesting tidbits, but she is at her best when she is sharing from her heart, which is exactly what she did in her Bathtub Musings.

"They begin talking about non christians as if they were aliens from another planet sent here to taint their puerile existence."

And if any of you have been missing Molly, she is Writing For Her Kids and she recently wrote about the Night Terrors that mothers experience when our imaginations run wild with worry in the middle of the night.

"Without God, I’m not sure I could escape this circle of thoughts."

So, there you go! All of these women are oozing with talent and creativity, and I am sure that you will find them fascinating.


just me said...

and you have forgotten another woman - who goes by grace

Former Leader

Erin said...

That's what I was going to say - swap me for you and you've got yourself a list.

Thanks for all your amazing writing Grace! I appreciate you.

Makeesha said...

what they said.

thanks for the kudos :)

grace said...

You are most welcome (and no swapping Erin!). I hope you know that the kudos are sincere. These are the blogs that I open first on my blogreader, and I am always awed at the quality of thought and writing you each bring to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the post!

Mary said...

Your's is one of the first that I open on my blogreader, too. It's a bit weird to be included in such great company of writers, but I'm glad that my jumbled mess of thoughts makes sense to you. :^)

sonja said...

I'm still trying to recover my senses. What a grand surprise to be included in such a great group of women and by such a wonderful writer herself!!

These are the women who's posts I look for each day as well.

Cindy said...

grace- have you been breathing my paint fumes?
seriously- thank you. i don't feel very insightful these days, but you give me something to strive for. and your consistently brilliant writing inspires many, many of us.

grace said...

You're welcome. Sorry I didn't exactly follow the rules.

I know that as more people discover your blog, your thoughts and experiences will be a blessing to many.

Of course you are on this list, silly!

As one of my earliest blog-friends, your wise and encouraging posts and comments have been so helpful to me. Thank you.