Friday, April 27, 2007

Moose Slippers, Tattoos, and Traditional Church

A few miscellaneous thoughts from last weekend spent with my family:

My sister told a story about an accident she witnessed. Actually she heard the accident and came out of her office to see what happened. Standing in the parking lot, she watched as the driver of one of the vehicles crawled up out of the window of his car which had landed turned on its side.

Apparently he was having difficulty crawling out due to an inability to keep his sweatpants on. Several people were mooned during his exit of the vehicle. Once free, he took off running, still struggling to keep his pants up. In addition to the pants issue, his running was also hindered by the fact that he was wearing MOOSE SLIPPERS!

It just so happened that he ended up running right past my sister in the parking lot, and it just so happened that he lost his moose slippers right in front of her. Hesitating momentarily, he quickly decided to abandon the moose slippers where they had landed.

It was at this moment, that my sister realized (duh!) that this man was fleeing the scene of the accident. Her sense of law-abiding justice triggered, she took off in pursuit of the "criminal."

That is just funny because none of us sisters are especially known for our athletic abilities. And even if she were able to catch him, she had no idea what she would have done next, probably use her angry voice to scold him.

So the slipperless criminal eluded her, and she returned to the parking lot to hand over the evidence (moose slippers) to the investigators. My sister, the hero.


My dad took the whole family bowling on Saturday afternoon, there were about 20 of us including son-in-laws and grandkids. While we were there, I saw that my BFF from high school was there too, so I went over to say hi.

Surprised to see me, she said, "What the hell are you doing here?!"

Just a reminder of how sanitized my life is. I need more tattooed friends that swear at me.


It was nice attending my parents' church on Sunday morning. I appreciate the sense of belonging and history in a church like theirs. Many of the people there have known me my whole life, and many of them have known my parents most of their life, even from their childhood.

I also appreciate the sincerity of their pastor. It is obvious that he loves the Lord and that he loves the people that he has chosen to serve. He nurtures and encourages them. In their fellowship, I see a group of people who are deeply connected to one another. It is good; there is life and love there.

I see the relevance and validity of small, local congregations like this one.


Cindy said...

that's a great story! too bad he didn't leave just one slipper. it would have been a fantastic re-take on cinderella. :-)

Ronni said...

I really miss that "belonging" feel in a church. I feel like a visitor in mine anymore... oy.

David Cho said...

Sounds like a good church, although I have to wonder about its ingrownness and the lack of openness to outsiders.

Your sister's heroism. Cool!

sonja said...

"... scold him in her angry voice." ... that made me snort in laughter ... it gave me such a great mind picture of the whole scene!!

I also love the picture of your parents church. It sounds like a place I'd like to go.

Alan Knox said...


Thank you for pointing out the beauty in one part of the body of Christ. It is refreshing to read someone finding something positive in a more traditional representation of the church. We can and should learn from one another.


Lily said...

Great post - I love the thoughts about your parents church.

Oh, and I'll swear at you anytime you want. ;-)

~m2~ said...

first-time commenter (i do not call into radio shows, i swear!)

loved the story about your sister - sounds like what my sister would have done, used her "outside voice" (she's a school teacher...)

i am penni - nice to meet you :)

Pam Hogeweide said...

you have become such a lovely writer, grace.

Just a reminder of how sanitized my life is. I need more tattooed friends that swear at me.

Lily can take one ear, I'll have the other and we'll have your ears filled with sh*t in no time at all. :-)

grace said...

I never thought about Cinderella. Apparently they didn't need the slippers to identify this prince, since his registration was still in the wrecked car.

I think that our lives tend to be less generational than they were in our parents day, not just churches. It is one of the things we've lost in a more mobile society.

Actually, I think they are fairly open to outsiders but tend to attract those from their denominational and ethnic background. That was one of the things that impressed me about their new pastor is that he seems very open to reaching people outside of that background.

Knowing my sister the whole scenario is funny. She almost got kicked out a racquetball class once just because the teacher thought no one could be as bad as she was.

About my parents church, it's a nice place to visit. ;)

I absolutely agree with you. Since visiting, I've been thinking a lot about when and if churches should change and the different roles they fulfill in the Body.

Lily and Pam,
I knew I could count on you two! :)

Hi penni,
It's very nice to meet you, and I look forward to visiting your blog.

My teenagers roll their eyes when I remind them to use their quiet voice, or when I say ni-night, or when know, pretty much anything.