Monday, April 23, 2007

A Little Behind

We have been out of town for a few days. I will do my best to get caught up soon with reading and replies.

It might be a day or two before I am ready to post again. It seems my thoughts didn't arrive at home yet with my body.

Hopefully I will find my groove soon,
or maybe I will find a new groove. ;)


Joy said...

Groovy, Grace!!

Bruce said...

I'm not sure you should use the word groove with the picture you posted.


Anonymous said...

I have stumbled onto your community of people by reading the people formerly known as...

My husband and I are about to give notice to our apostolic church of 20 years that we are leaving. We have been lay leaders there most of that 20 years.

We are devastated but cannot any longer live this way. You do not know how much you and your friend’s blogs have ministered to me, my husband and my older children these past few days.

Thank you for your honesty, humility and for having the guts to go before us and journal about the path. You will never know how much it means to me.

I am presently working on an addition to your articles entitled I Am The Person Formerly Known as Your Leader. It is repenting for all I have taught, supported, and modeled. I am writing it for two reasons. One that I can aptly look at why I stayed silent and supportive of a system that I knew was wrong. i need to do what Bob says here:
"At some point in time, "the system" was working for us; while we may be questioning it now, there was a time when we were getting some kind of perks or rewards from it. Bob suggests that until we, as individuals and groups, honestly deal with the areas of our lives that made us enjoy the system at one point - and repent or receive healing in those areas - we will only replicate the same dysfunctional patterns and attitudes in whatever structured or destructured group we ended up joining or creating. Robert C. Girard

The other reason for writing it is so that others hurt by domineering leadership will have faith that "maybe" those in charge will get a clue someday and realize what they are doing and how it hurts the heart of God.

I remain grateful and repentant,
A Former Leader

Trailady said...

You ROCK!! Looking forward to more great posts. :o)

grace said...

Joy - :)

Bruce, what sort of a crack is that?!

I could have written what you said. In fact, I wondered if I knew you. I understand the devastation and pray that God's peace will comfort you and your family through it.

I could certainly relate to what you said about supporting that system, and I identify with your closing, "grateful and repentant."

It was God's grace that removed us from something that we didn't yet see or understand and prevented us from being involved in hurting other people.

Please drop a link here if you post more of your thoughts about this.

No, you Rock! ;)

grace said...

My "little behind" was bigger than I thought it was this week! I hope to get a new post up soon.

Bruce said...

Sorry Grace, it was a wise crack and I apologize.


grace said...

LOL Bruce! ;)