Friday, March 09, 2007

Join the Conversation!

There are some posts that are interesting or informative, and there are others where the real content of the conversation happens in the comments. I would like to point you to two of those conversations today and to encourage you to leave your thoughts. Both of these conversations would be better with your participation, so don't be shy!

Brother Maynard has a current post entitled "Missional 101:Getting Out of the House". It is about practical ways to break out of the church bubble. It is a follow-up post to another excellent post of his entitled "The Rule of 150 & The Mission of the Church". My husband and I are still discussing his thoughts about how involvement in church eventually removes us from the context of our former lives where we had relationships with nonbelievers. Stop in and share how you are learning to intersect your life with people outside of the church.

In the comment section of my last post entitled "Senior Pastor", there is a good discussion about how deconstruction affects the role of pastor and the future of that role as a vocation. Hopefully you can contribute ideas about how pastors can navigate this transition and maybe discuss the potential for traditional congregations to become missional communities. Again this conversation would benefit from your thoughts and comments.

TGIF!! I hope to pop in and add to the discussion as I am able. We are preparing for a big slumber party. My husband and son are leaving town in anticipation of the invasion of giggling girls.


BarBarA said...

Have a fun time celebrating at the slumber party!!!

Brother Maynard said...


Thanks for the shout-out! Not sure if you've seen it yet, but yesterday's post which was sparked by the 150-rule post has sparked a further post today: Friendship… (with Fingers Crossed Behind your Back) which picks up the theme and pushes it even farther, drawing what I think is a disturbing comparison to the idea of disingenuous friendships. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on that one as well.


Tom Reindl said...


This is an interesting blog. I hope you don't mind, but I am going add a link to your blog on mine.

sonja said...

Oh well ... it was the party that wasn't. My son came down with chicken pox on Friday night!!! So we will have to reschedule for another date. So, it was a much quieter weekend than previously anticipated ;-)h