Monday, December 11, 2006


My deepest apologies for every time that I have spelled hierarchical wrong over the last year and a half, whether in my own blog or in comments to others. The two acceptable ways of spelling this word are hierarchical and hierarchal. While I prefer it without the second c (hierarchial), that is irrelevant and it is wrong. I will submit to the established authoritative spelling of this word.


Stephen said...


at least you're not saying "irregardless." that one makes me *nuts*.

Anonymous said...

grace, could you enable the option that allows people to link to your individual posts? I like your thoughts on the "joshua generation" post and would like to link to it when I get around to some thoughts of my own.


grace said...

I've probably used that also. :)
My attention to detail seems to be diminishing as I get older.

From what I understand, the time stamp is the permalink, giving you the address for linking to that particular post. I read through the options and couldn't find anything else to enable. If there is something else, you can try to explain it to me. Sorry I'm not very techie. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Anonymous said...

The beta spell checker is quite nice.

aBhantiarna Solas said...

I love it when you put your tongue in your cheek. ;-)

grace said...

I don't use spell check, because I'm a good speller. :)

I'm glad I discovered my mistake since I'm about to begin writing some more on this topic.

Lily said...

You could just spell it however you want and call it new *emerging* terminology.

Bruce said...

Like I wouold know how it's spelled anyway!


grace said...

BTW, abhantiarna, my tongue is often in my cheek. And those who get to know me learn to recognize it. :)

Yes, us emerging people are such nonconformists!

LOL Bruce!

David Cho said...

Did my comment disappear? You responded to it, but yet my original comment is nowhere to be found.

grace said...

Your original comment became Anonymous when I switched to the new blogger.

Brett said...

Nice foil for taking a poke at hierarchalists. The term complimentarian is content-less leaving the nature of compliment undefined. The term patriarchalist is too easily misunderstood. I prefer the term agapatriarchalist, which references loving leadership.

grace said...

Seriously, I've been spelling this word wrong for months! I may address some of my ideas concerning leadership after the holidays.

Brett said...

Oh ok, sorry for second guessing bad.