Friday, December 29, 2006


Joining others who are linking to past posts, here are a few of my favorite emerging-church/missional-living posts:

You Can Only Be What You Are
"You may never be acknowledged by certain institutions, but the kingdom is wide open to those who desire to serve with a humble and loving heart."

The People of God
"If our identity, first and foremost, is our particular denomination or church and our role or position there, we have become fractured from our identity as the people of God."

Big Egos and Other Maladies of Ministry
"It seems like instead of equipping and releasing, pastors end up corralling people into the organization. What if by roping everyone into programs, they are actually keeping people from their true ministry."

Blind Spots
"The recognition of my spiritual blindness and spiritual pride when I was at the height of self-confidence in my spiritual walk brought me brokenness and what I hope will be enduring humility."

Bit By The Emerging Bug
"The most basic description of an emerging person would be someone who has a dream for a new way of doing and being the church."

EC vs IC?
"I believe that much of the emerging church will grow alongside traditional churches and that God will be present and at work in both, if hearts are set on Him and His kingdom."

Idealism or Cynicism
"Maybe I needed to learn that earth-changing vision is an illusion keeping us from the reality of ordinary service."

Survival Tips
Survival tips for the emergent-thinking person who is a part of a not-necessarily-emergent church community.


Pam Hogeweide said...

Reading through Idealism or Cynicism is like the word of the Lord to me tonight.

This is where I found myself, absolutley naked. Overnight, I went from overcommitted and overinvolved to doing nothing. I went suddenly from respected and needed to shunned and avoided. From an abundance of relationships, I'm left with a few that I could count on one hand.

This describes, in part, why this has been a particularly depressing time of year for me.

Thanks for the blog down the digital memory lane. It was a helluva year for blogging...and here's to 2007 and more shared insights and wisdom amongst friends, both cyber and local.

grace said...

I'm glad the words written then spoke to you today.

I would encourage you that the loneliness of this stage of liminality and exile is a part of His work in you (even though it sucketh at times).

I'm so grateful for you and others that allow me to know that I am not the only one living this crazy, out-of-synch walk.

I pray blessings for you in 2007 Pam and for the fulfillment of all that the Lord wants to do for you and in you.