Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Coincidence? I Don't Think So

Yesterday, I ordered books by

Michael Frost


Graham Cooke

and today I heard about a conference where the speakers are

Michael Frost


Graham Cooke!

Pinch me!


Stephen said...

i don't know cooke but frost is the bomb.

Aj said...

Wowsers: that rocks! It's like worlds are colliding. Have a *wonderful* time!

Trailady said...

Enjoy yourself and I look forward to the wisdom you will share upon returning. :o)

Lily said...

No Freakin' Way! That totally rocks!

I just became a Frost fan in the last couple of months, I am reading Exiles now. And you know I have loved Graham for years.

Have to say I'm more than a little bit jealous. But I'm not even going to ponder the notion because that's just too big of a stretch.

I will just have to look forward to reading your most comprehensive notes!

BarBarA said...

Don't you love it when that kind of thing happens! I am jazzed for you!

(does anyone actually say "jazzed"?)

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Yeah, it should be good. Graham Cooke is here nearly every Feb at the conference. I have yet to make it and it is only about 15 min from here. There is an article on the Lutheran Renewal website by Michael Frost.


Click on publications. It is in PDF format.

Robbymac said...


OF COURSE you'll be taking copious amounts of notes for future blog posts, right? (Subtle like a fart in a library, I know, I know...)

grace said...

Yes, I'm jazzed!!

It is like my charismatic world will finally collide with my missional world and maybe I can really become integrated as a charismissional person.

inheritor, is this your church sponsoring the conference? If you attend, we'll have to meet.

Of course, I'll try to take notes. I wish I had a laptop.

Plenty to blog about with 6 new books on the way and a conference coming up. :)