Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Betty Butterfield on House Church

"I don't want no church in no trailer."


fr'nklin said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever seen...LOL...THANKS!!!! I needed it.

Brett said...

And you cut your toenails straight too...:)

grace said...

Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed Betty.

Hi brett. Don't tell anyone, but I really am Betty Butterfield. I just didn't want everyone knowing what I really look like.

David Cho said...

OMG! She reminds me of Linda Richman of Coffee Talk. grace, with that kind of talent, you ought to be on the road.

David Cho said...

Here is "another "Christian Betty" site you may be interested.

grace said...

I was just kidding, I'm not Betty, although the resemblance is uncanny, and the lipstick matches my nail polish.

However, I can't take credit for her talent and humor.

The "other" betty is, um, interesting.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

That woman needs some healing and deliverance....oh yeah ... that followup issue....hmmmm :)

I think we make church WAY too much about what WE want and not about worshipping the Living God and bringing him glory and joy. As Bonhoeffer says, the church is not our "wish-dream" it is the supernatural reality that Christ has made it to be.
What we want is to stay superficial and false and comfortable with ourselves and in our relationships with the other "club members" and this behavior does much to harm the Body of Christ. This is not the intent of the Church. This behavior certainly does not push back the kingdom of darkness nor expand the Kingdom of God.

It is we who are sinful and selfish and we need to acknowledge that fact. I am becoming more convinced that regardless of where you gather, when you gather, or what you do when you gather, there will be stuff that you don't like because all who gather are sinners in need of God's grace. We bring that infection along with us. The most important part for us as we gather is to expect, and celebrate the presence of the Risen Christ who says he will be there as we gather in his name.

On a side note, I too "don't want no church in no trailer" and ummmm "please don't send me to Africa" either. That being said I am sure the Lord has plans to find a nice trailer that he will want me "doing church" in, probably in the Sudan or Somalia or .... :)

David Cho said...


This really is not a place to post unsolicited sermons. It is one to engage in discussion and exchange thoughts with grace and other visitors, and not one for drive-by lectures.

(grace, pardon me for speaking out of turn)

grace said...

Now kids, let's get along.

I meant to address your comment this morning before church, but ran out of time.

I was a part of the "club church" that you described. I agree with you that superficial, false relationships will not expand the kingdom. When we are in authentic relationships with others, it is bound to get messy.

The beauty of grace is that we all need it sometimes, and remembering that will hopefully help us in extending it to others.

I hope you continue to visit, even from your "trailer in Somalia." :)

Silly, you are going to scare off one of my 4 readers.

Your loyal support and comments since my very first blog days are very much appreciated. I always look forward to seeing what you have to say, both here and at your blog.

Now, be nice to inheritor, OK? :)

David Cho said...

My sincere apologies to Inheritor and grace for jumping the gun. grace, you are much more gracious than I, hence the name grace.

I didn't remember seeing him before, and I assumed that he was a drive by preacher. But now I see that he is a regular reader and commenter.

So I was out of line, and please accept my humble apologies.

John Frye said...


Inheritor of Heaven said...

David: no problem I forgive you. If I came off as preaching I think it is the teacher coming out. I think mathematics would have been boring in this small comment space however. I am passionate about the gathered body of Christ in whatever form and I want to encourage people to never stop meeting together. I read Grace because I enjoy and learn much from what she writes especially about the emergent variety of gathered believers.

Grace: You have 4 regular readers? I think I may have at least hmmmmm well maybe at least myself. ;)

David Cho said...

Thanks inheritor. You are a better man than I. :=)

grace said...

david and inheritor,
you are both gracious and honorable. Thank you.