Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sound Bites

If your spirit doesn't win the battle for your thoughts, you will always live in a place of inadequacy.

Logic and reason close down the possibilities of the Spirit.

We must have an awareness that is rooted in wisdom from God, not knowledge.

Who you are is more important than where you are going.

When you understand your inheritance, direction opens up.

We are heart people.
God won't bow to your need to put your head above your heart.

Imagination must precede logic and reason, the imagination to see what God is saying. Then our movement is in trust and faith.

Every man's life gives evidence of what they believe to be true.

Have a bigger heart response, no longer holding back.
Reach out for something beyond you.
Extend the measure of your trust.
Live from the secret place.

Your gifting and anointing grow in the place of intimacy.
You can't think your way into it.
You have to worship your way into it.

(Quotes from my notes taken while listening to Graham Cooke)

More later about what this meant to me.


yeshua'smags said...

"We must have an awareness that is rooted in wisdom from God, not knowledge."

That is so great!!! Can we make t-shirts?? I've had so many pretentiously "smart" friends that thought they were too intelligent for the thought of being a christian! I would love to hear their rebuttal to this.

Lily said...

"Logic and reason close down the possibilities of the Spirit."

That's mine. Learning that what God is doing in the Spirit is often, as Spock would say, "illogical".

Sounds like some great Graham Cooke stuff. Anxious to hear more.

grace said...

t'shirts would be good. :)

I was very convicted last weekend at how much I had been living out of my soul.

Pam Hogeweide said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you for the graham shots of wisdom and insight. i'm going to print it and put it in my quote book.........he'll be here in portland next week!