Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Again, thank you to all who prayed, whether you posted or not. Things are already so much better than we ever expected them to be. We are extremely grateful.

First a little history...
My husband has disc problems (L4 and L5) and chronic back pain. He has managed his back pain for over 5 years with daily walking and exercises. He has done everything possible to avoid back surgery.

Last week, he began to experience soreness in his upper thigh. He began limping by Friday and assumed he had strained his groin muscle. However, by Sunday his pain became much worse, and he was unable to get comfortable in any position. Through the night, he was in constant severe pain, and neither of us slept at all.

Monday morning, desperate for relief from the pain, he began checking into back surgery, trying to find which surgeon to trust. He decided to go to his chiropractor (a wonderful guy that has helped alot over the years) for a more accurate diagnosis and referral to a surgeon. At this point, we were still unsure if he was dealing with back issues or some type of sprain.

The chiropractor popped his back and scheduled him again for the afternoon. He also recommended holding off on surgery. He said that what we were dealing with was severe sciatic pain. During the day, my husband experienced no relief from the pain and wasn't able to walk on his right leg any more. When he went back in the afternoon, the chiropractor did an extremely painful adjustment of his pelvis. (Hubby's screams cleared out the waiting room.)

We got him some crutches for getting around and some Tylenol PM to hopefully sleep through the pain. We weren't able to get in to the MD doctor for pain or sleeping meds, which is probably just as well because hubby doesn't do well with drugs.

When he got up this morning, the decrease in pain was remarkable. He was scheduled for a massage (his first) this morning. He tolerated the massage very well, and it seemed to make a difference. Immediately following, he was worse for a bit, but throughout the day, he has gotten much better.

This might be more information than any of you wanted. :) Since you've prayed for us, I wanted you to know what's going on. When the pain was intense and there was no relief in sight, we were both desperate and afraid. We were in the middle of a nightmare.

Things aren't perfect yet. He may need the crutches for awhile, he needs help getting dressed, and he isn't pain-free. He is willing to work for recovery. We are so incredibly grateful for the improvement he's experienced already.


Lily said...

Good news, Grace. I'm glad your husband is finally experiencing some relief that it doesn't involve surgery.

I will pray for his continued healing and some quality rest over the next week or so (for both of you) in order to speed his recovery and for you to have continued strength to assist him and care for your family.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what's going on.

God bless.

Robbymac said...


Thanks for the update. Been praying for y'all, and will continue.

Grace and peace, and healing, to you.

Anonymous said...

thank you, Lord.

and an aside. i struggle with nearly non-exsistent to severe sciatic pain. it comes and goes. you probably already know all of this, but just in case it helps... in addition to massage, heat packs, and painful excersices, the physical therapist put a TENS unit on me for 20 minutes for the pain. it was awesome. you might ask, if you're unfamiliar. it was worth the short term pain relief.

again, it's good news. and we're still praying. chronic pain is hard on the whole family.

-widebody's wife

Kelly said...

it's good to hear that he's doing much better. will continue to be in prayer for the two of you.

Cindy said...

Grace, thank you for the update! I've been praying, and will keep praying. (PS- you should have a very high hit count for yesterday, as I checked back often!)

Bruce said...

Good news Grace. Keep us posted. I imagine your hit count did go up the last couple of days.


Grey Owl said...

That's good news to hear. My family has a history of back pain with which I have recently become intimately aquainted. I pray the relief you've had so far would be the start of recovery.

grace said...

Thank you all. Your continued prayers are truly appreciated.

Matt's wife,
It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry that you've experienced this problem also. Thanks for the tip about the TENS unit. I'd like hearing anything you've learned about preventing reoccurences.

grey owl,
I'm sorry you've experienced back pain also. I'm guessing your recent move was hard on you physically also. Pain is such a curse; it just sucks the joy out of life. I hope you are feeling better soon too.

Debbie said...


Pam Hogeweide said...

thanks for the update grace. glad to hear that surgery can be avoided. God's blessing on your hubby's back and sciatic nerve! (do you think you'd ever seek healing prayer? that might be something interesting to blog about...)

grace said...

I was curious about your question about healing prayer. What specifically did you mean?

We have prayed for healing for this for several years, some prayers of faith, some prayers of desperation, hundreds of times with people laying hands on him, anointed with oil, brought in the elders, fasted, prophesied, stood on his head (just kidding), etc.

Pam Hogeweide said...

I was asking if you'd ever seek healing prayer as I am aware that some people have had negative experiences with doing so. I have talked with people who are confused or hurt, feeling that it must be their fault that they are not healed, not enough faith, etc...Here in Portland I have friends who are part of a healing ministry called Portland Healing rooms. Some people have been touched by God when they go they have gone there for healing prayer. A woman I know has experienced tremendous relief from her fybromyalgia after she received prayer for healing at PHR.

Sounds like you guys have been down the road of healing prayer many, many times. I wonder how that is for you, for anybody, when God does not answer. My son was diagnosed with serious life-threatening birth defect when I was pregnant. He had his first surgery at five days old and endured a total of four by age 2. Lots and lots of prayer for this kid, who today is mostly thriving and for the most part healthy. I truly believe God did something. The head neonatologist of one of the best NICU's in my state told me himself that he considered my son a miracle. But only last year I wrote a letter of condolence to a family whose baby had the same condition, received far more prayer than my Jeremy ever did, and yet they buried there infant son. I told them that I wondered if the greater miracle wasn't that my son survived, but that their faith did, that they still knew God to be good in spite of unanswered prayer.

This is a sensitive and heartfelt topic for those who suffer from chronic pain or illness or who have lost someone to disease. It is a mystery why God heals some but not others. What do you and your husband think since God is choosing not to heal him at this time?

DollyMama said...

Have you or your husband ever read any of Dr. John Sarno's books on healing back pain? he has a very different idea of what it is all about, but my mother and brother both have experienced good results when taking his philosophy seriously.

Just a thought that I wanted to pass on to you in case it is helpful. I suffer from back problems myself (haven't mastered the Sarno stuff yet!) so am very sympathetic!

grace said...

I wondered if you were talking about healing rooms. We don't have access to that particular type of healing prayer here. I don't really have an answer to your question (as explained in my latest post).

I believe in a supernatural God. I believe in miracles and healing. I believe in praying and bringing my requests to God. I just don't believe that I am in control of the results.

However, regardless of the results, I choose to believe that God loves and cares about us immensely. I do know that His presence and grace have been abundant in the midst of the worst things we've experienced.

Hi dollymama,
I hadn't heard of Dr Sarno before. I hope you find help for your back pain also.