Friday, February 17, 2006

Deep Freeze

Today will be our coldest day in 9 years. It is 18 degrees F. below zero at the moment. Fortunately it isn't windy. They are saying we might make it up to 6 below today. Woohoo!

It's probably worse for some of my Canadian friends.
Jamie, Grey Owl, are you keeping warm?

The good news is that we should be back in the 30's in a few days.

Feel free to gripe or brag about your weather in the comments. :)


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

-34C here, not counting wind chill. That would be... just shy of -30F. Yikes! If the wind were to pick up, they say it would be -90C with wind chill!


Cindy said...

I sense that I'd do well to remain silent on this.

fr'nklin said...

hmmmm...68 here...I was scheduled to hike Crowders Mountain with my wife today...but instead of weather being the youngest son woke up sick...I think I'd rather be COLD than have a sick child!



Lily said...

While we're certainly no where near as cold as some folks, that arctic air has arrived here, too.

On Sunday it was 60 and the neighborhood girls were laying out in their bathing suits in the it'll be 26 with 40 MPH winds.

What a diference a week makes.

David Cho said...

Going for a jog in shorts in a minute

Bruce said...

Yesterday, the high in Dallas/Ft Worth was 86, a new record. Today the high is suppose to be 39. Thanks Canada.


Alan said...

I love living in southern California.

Sorry to rub it in, but I grew up in Indiana, and I'm glad I don't have to say the words, "The temp today is 18 below zero"

Pam Hogeweide said...

yes, Lily and I are in Portland, OR and everybody here is talking about that arctic cold front. We are having the coldest temps in 20 years, but at least it's not raining 'cause it would definitely be icy. I had to actually get out my gloves and scarf today, first time to use them all winter!

At least our temps are ABOVE zero! Stay Warm Grace!

(I think I'll go make a fire...)

grace said...

I feel for you Jamie. It was 23 F(rickin) degrees below zero this morning.

Cindy, you are a wise woman.

fr'nklin, I hope your little guy feels better soon.

lily, pam, and bruce,
It sounds like everyone is experiencing some of the cold. It's just a matter of degree. :)

alan and david,
Be sure to wear sunscreen!

Debbie said...

10 degrees in new york brrrrr

FC Men's Ministries said...

Can you say "SAN DIEGO, CA".
Sorry folks, I pay alot of good $$$ to live here and I enjoy suffering for Jesus in the warm weather. They say that there is only one place better to minister for Jesus than here in SD...Hawaii(now that's a tough assignment for ya)

grace said...

It's warmer here today, hopefully headed your way.

I've heard that san diego has the most perfect weather on the continent. Lucky you.