Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post Secrets

Knowing that too much disclosure on a blog isn't necessarily good, I have been hesitant to share something about my husband.

He has a problem with....


This is not your father's Oldsmobile
It started innocently enough. When our oldest son began driving, we were in the market for an old, but reliable, and safe car.

My dad happened to have just purchased a new buick, and sold us his used one that had 197,000 miles on it. It is appropriately named Old White and now has 217,000 miles.

Grab Life by the Horns
Then our next son started driving too. He had a fender bender that was someone else's fault with Old White. Their insurance kindly gave us a check for the amount that we paid for the car.

Fortunately Old White was still driveable. However, we decided to take the money to find another old, but reliable and safe car.

Buick. It's All Good
My husband happened to find a newer Buick with 100,000 less miles on it for almost the same money. The newer car became our oldest son's. This one is referred to as Old Grey.

Driven by Passion
I believe this is when the compulsion took hold. My husband was suddenly attracted to the idea that there were great deals to be had in the used buick market.

For the Love of the Car
I began finding more and more classified ads laying around, sometimes with cars circled. I suspected that he had started cruising used car lots.

Once in a while, I would mention that I thought we had enough cars. He was always really casual about it, saying, "yeah, I'm just looking."

But I'm not stupid. Looking always leads to buying.
You guys know that.

Like Nothing Else
So it wasn't very long, and the inevitable happened. "You wouldn't believe this awesome buick I found! It is the most incredible deal ever. We just have to get it!"

Open Your Mind
And of course, there were all the logical reasons why this made sense. Old White wouldn't last forever, yada, yada, yada. So we got another buick which is creatively named New White.

The Ultimate Driving Machine
Hubby drives New White for now until Old White dies.
"Check out the hot guy in the buick!" ;)

Driven By What's Inside
Then I let my guard down.
Surely his automotive needs were fulfilled.

I don't know when it started up again. I didn't find the clipped ads in his pockets this time. He must have been trolling lots, and I didn't know it.

There's Only One
Out of the blue, he said, once again, "You wouldn't believe this awesome buick I found! It is the most incredible deal ever. We just have to get it!"

Drive Your Dreams
I don't remember the reasons now. I think they included something about the girls driving soon, and the fact that our oldest son fell in love with this car because it has leather seats.

My feeble attempts at logic couldn't withstand his buick passion. And so we welcomed New Blue into the family.

Find Your Own Road

And he once again promised that this is it, the last one.....really!


Jim said...

I have the same problem, only with Mercury. I used to have a Grand Marquis. Loved it, until someone totalled it. Now I want another, and everytime I see one I start drooling. Possibly the only thing that gets me drooling more is the grandbaby of the Marquis -- the Mercury Marauder. I definitely have a problem....

Miss-buggy said...

I have the same problem but with whatever vehicle he tends to find. It is frustrating sometimes. I put my foot down only to let it up again. I think my husband jokingly referred to it as a disease. I wonder if they have a name for it? They always say, this is the last one. It never is.

[rhymes with kerouac] said...

Hi, my name is rhymes, and I'm a Chrysler-aholic. Serious case of Chrysler 300M gotta-haves. Serious. Not to mention the new Charger - I get shakey just thinking it.

Resistance is futile.

Traci said...

Sad, sad, sad little addiction! :)

grace said...

Hmmm, it seems that this problem is gender specific.

jim and rhymes, my husband laughed at your comments (and fortunately also at the post).

miss buggy and traci, I'm afraid it is hopeless.

Pam Hogeweide said...

maybe he needs deliverance :-)