Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How can I be Missional?

Terry Mann has a great series of posts (3 so far) on his blog about being missional in the suburbs.

Awhile back a new church was planted in our town. In their mailings, there was promising talk of serving the community and reaching those in need. We visited with hopes of finding a group intent on mission within our town. They talked about outreach in terms of passing out lightbulbs, washing toilets at local businesses, and having free car washes. All of these were done for the purpose of handing out a business card and an invitation to attend church. We left disappointed, feeling like these were simply church-growth strategies.

My neighbor, bless her fundamentalist heart, is really good about witnessing to the unsaved neighbors, except now most of them won't answer the door when they see her coming. I don't want to do that.

When I go into my Mother Teresa mode, whining to my husband that we somehow need to give our lives away, he usually talks me down, reminding me to just be who I am. Who I am is a middleclass housewife in a comfortable community. We don't even have a soup kitchen.

But there are broken people in my neighborhood and in my community. To be honest, I've been sheltered behind the walls of the church for so many years, that I don't really know how to connect in a meaningful way. I trust that the Holy Spirit will lead me into relationship with people who need hope. I am willing to be sent.

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