Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Since I just scrapped my latest post, this is probably a good time to respond to this meme. I have enjoyed reading the answers of various friends around the blogosphere and was recently tagged by Brother Maynard.

In looking back at these points in time, I realize that in each year mentioned, I was standing at the edge of change. Maybe I will look back in 10 years and say the same thing about 2007.

1997 was the beginning of an extremely church-centered lifestyle. Our church had dived into the renewal movement (ie Toronto blessing) with meetings and services geared toward "soaking and refreshing" and then transitioned into the prophetic movement. For the most part, these were really good years of growth, wonderful relationships, and spiritual excitement.

1987 was the beginning of an intensely child-centered lifestyle. This was the year we started our family. We lost our first child in early '87, but I was pregnant again later in '87. Within a few years, we had our babies and realized we needed to quit procreating.

This was the beginning of a life of diapers and car seats that would last for quite a few years. Outings were afternoons in the park and walks with strollers. Eating out always meant going somewhere with a playland. Entertainment was feeding the ducks and geese at the park or throwing sticks in a stream.

1977 - What can you say about the 70's?
You had to be there.

In 1977, I finished my sophomore year of highschool and started my junior year. During that summer I morphed from an innocent kid to a rebellious teenager. The next few years of my life revolved around friends, pool halls, disco, boys, and partying. Being the overachiever that I am, I managed to hit bottom in 3 short years. That's a story for another day.

I recently read that a person's musical DNA is set during the late teens, which means that mine was set to disco, sappy ballads, and pop-rock. For a flashback to the 70's, I leave you with a video clip of "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner.

I'll tag a few of my favorite newish blog friends. If you've already done it, never mind. I know this one's been around for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my ... what a blast from the past!! :D

Linda said...

My kids have no appreciation for the coolness of this song, let alone the hairstyles. :)

dan said...

Wowza. After watching this video I'm not sure if I should reach back to those recesses of my brain or not. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh ... but the hairstyles are what make it. Don't they know that Foreigner was like the coolest band going?

Except for, possibly, Styx ...

or ... how about this?


Anonymous said...

Grace, Thanks for tagging me:-) It was a fun jaunt down memory lane:-)It will be posted tomorrow on Halloween of all days.

Linda said...

Dan and Amber,
Thanks for playing along.

My second choice of video to post was "Telephone Line" by ELO. Remember, "Doo wop, dooby dooby wop...."
My kids loved that one too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah. Foreigner. Four was such a great album. My musical DNA definitely includes Journey, Styx, and Foreigner. The early 80's were great arena rock. Thanks Grace.

Anonymous said...

Foreigner, Journey, Styx, what happened to good music???

Linda said...

Jonathan and Lori,
One of my favorite things about you tube is running across some of good old music.