Monday, October 01, 2007


I was noticing the plant out on my deck. I think it's a mum or something.

I'm not really a plant person. (That is a huge understatement.)

It needs water.

The flowers in the middle are still bright yellow, but it's getting a little crusty around the edges.

Actually, it's been needing water for a while now. I thought maybe it would rain, but it hasn't.

Whenever I see it, I am reminded that I should water it.

What's the use. It's October, and it's going to die anyway.

Today, I am like the mum.

I'll respond to comments when I'm feeling a little less crusty around the edges.


Robin said...

"I dare you to trust that I love you just as you are, not as you should be."

...crusty edges and all...

And it seems like something's bubbling under the surface....

{{hugs}} which feels pretty odd to say, but I think I'm supposed to say it...

grace said...

Thanks for reminding me Robin. The quote hit me just right. And a blog hug was just what I needed.

Your reply is the only thing that kept this post from being deleted. There is a tension in not knowing what's ahead that sometimes I'm okay with and sometimes I'm not.

BTW, I watered the #*&^ plant, and it rained during the night.

Barb said...

Grace, sometimes I don't comment because you are thinking or discussing things far above where I am right now in my journey. But sometimes I don't comment because you are describing something so close to where I am that I have nothing to add or say. I just read it and feel. This is such a post. Please don't delete anything because no one comments or because it feels too revealing.

These are the posts that are encouraging to my spirit and soul. It says I am not alone nor am I godless for feeling this way.

I remain grateful

Robbymac said...

"BTW, I watered the #*&^ plant, and it rained during the night."


grace said...

Thanks for your encouragement and I'm glad that you can find something positive in my "downer" post. I don't want to present an always-up image, but I do tend to post more during the ups than the downs.

Yeah, and it's probably going to freeze hard this weekend also, so it doesn't matter anyway.