Friday, August 10, 2007

MPD - More Personality Discussion

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I have seen this personality test showing up a few places around the blogosphere (ht to Heather). I enjoyed taking a test with different questions than those on the Jung-style test I've taken before.

Usually I test as an INTJ, although my results are not often definitive on most personality/gifts tests. As you can see from the graph, I am borderline I/E, N/S, and J/P having a 47/53 split on all three. The only one with a significantly clear result is the T, thinking. I am married to a high-scoring Feeler. (ENFJ)

As to the introvert/extrovert, I am energized by being around people and rejuvenated by being alone. I love both solitude and good conversation. Although I am more social than my husband, he usually scores higher as an extrovert because he is much more forward in approaching strangers.

The multiple intelligence test is an accurate description of me. I always score highest in mathematical intelligence on IQ tests. As the test shows, I am verbal (mostly in writing), relational, and self aware.

It is apparent and true that I am not especially athletic, musical, or outdoorsy. I used to play piano at an intermediate level, but only by reading music. PE was always my least favorite class in both high school and college, and the only class where the teachers didn't like me. I still think it's a good idea to duck if a ball is flying towards you. The badge doesn't show naturalist at the bottom of the graph at 20%.

I have wondered about having a second career. I have a degree in accounting. Even though I'm good at it, I don't really like accounting. What do you think might be a good career for a highly relational mathematician? (Is that an oxymoron?)


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

Interesting. I'm an INTJ married to an ENFJ too. I am wrestling with many similar questions. Thanks for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

A financial planner. That's what I do. I'm an INFJ.

Ron said...

Grace, I hope that you don't place too much confidence in these tests. In seminary I had to do about a dozen of them. It got to the point where we introduced each other by our Meyers-Briggs. "Hi, I'm Lance, I'm a INFJ." I started telling people I was a G E E K just to see the looks on their faces.

grace said...

God has a sense of humor, doesn't he. My husband and I are incredibly alike except in that area. It is helpful to realize the source of the different perspective on things.

That's a thought. I would enjoy financial counseling. My husband and I have had the opportunity to help some couples with their finances in a non-professional way.

No, I don't place too much stock in them, but I do find them interesting. INTJ is somewhat descriptive of me, but it isn't the totality of who I am as a person.

I think they can be a hindrance if we start pigeonholing people, but they can be helpful if we use them as a step toward understanding another person.

Heidi Renee said...

Hey Grace,

we have been helped so much by financial counseling - it has saved our marriage. Neither of us were ever given any guidance financially and we ended up just swimming in debt.

I remember fondly the man who took the time to sit us down and tell us the truth. Teach us the basics that no one else did/would.

This is major kingdom work and helping people escape from the slavery of debt is so life-giving. It is incredibly relational and would use your accounting skills beautifully.

Mary said...


I took this test as I haven't taken a personality test in years. It was fun.

I think you'd be a really good financial/budget counselor. You have a knack for giving the truth in love and then working out a strategy to accomplish the goals. Could be a good fit.

Cindy said...

grace, that was an interesting test. i ranked highest as naturalist- isn't that funny?

Jeff Greathouse said...

Tutoring young men and woman in the art of mathematics while allowing God's love ooze to them as you allow it to ooze to us would be a great career joice for you.

paul said...

funnily enuff i'm a qualified accountant and i don't like it either - then again i suck at maths :)

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Perhaps high school math teacher would be an interesting job for a highly relational mathematician. (I am ISTJ but hate taking these tests because there are either not enough choices, or too many choices....or maybe it's not the number of choices but the fact that I have to choose at all.)

Brett said...

Your toes and feet are definitely extroverted!

grace said...

My personality isn't changing! My kids have been taking the test and their results are showing up on my badge. I'll try to fix it later.

"Grendel" said...


Intelligence Analyst - not just in a government/law enforcement context though. You may find you have good policy development skills, such as the ability to devlop solutions to problems while considering the environmental conditions that created the problem. INTJ's seem to make up a reasonable proportion of the people I know doing this work.

grace said...

Heidi Renee and Mary,
I agree with what you've said. I can imagine this as a really valuable ministry, but not necessarily a career because those who need it most have the least ability to pay.

It doesn't surprise me based on some of the things I know about you as far as your love of the country, gardening, and your horses.

Jeff and inheritor,
Teaching math is something that I have considered.

Well Paul, I'm sorry you don't like it either.

Red is a bit extroverted, which is why I usually wear bronze nail color.

Analysis is something I might find interesting. Around here, you don't really hear about a lot of careers in that area. Yes, I probably would be good at policy development, I am highly administrative.