Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Quote

" seems that God doesn't care about our short lists. He consistently taps the rejects. It's as if he were the captain of a pick-up basketball team, and he picks all the short heavy kids, just to prove that he can beat the other team all by himself. But then he manages to win the game as a team, just to prove he's not a ball-hog."

Ryan Wiksell - The Core Blog

I love the imagery of God who chooses the misfits and losers.

(Not that any of us are misfits and losers! But just in case we were, God would still want us on his team.)


Mike Croghan said...

Good stuff, Grace! Especially since I and many of my friends probably would be comfortable calling ourselves misfits and losers. ;-) Thanks.

Jeff Greathouse said...

I was going to say, I would raise my hand to being a loser and misfit.

Erin said...

Another misfit here - and a kid who was never picked for the team. Thanks for cheering me up.

As for your comment on my music post: I think we can still be friends, after all, love will keep us together...

Liz said...

Raising hand, too. I really like this quote. I was always the last picked for a team and never managed to contribute to the win - at least in sports :)

This also reminds me of something a friend said when I was really nervious about a major life change... God doesn't call the prepared; he prepares the called.

It's good to know that even if my soccer stinks I can still contrinute to a win somewhere.

grace said...

Hi all! I'm glad you enjoyed the quote. I wasn't picked first for athletic teams (since I duck when someone throws a ball at me), but if there were a math competition, I would be a good first pick. Sadly, there aren't that many math competitions in life. ;)

Erin, "love will keep us together" --groan-- Not muskrat love, right?

Erin said...

Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam....

I did actually like that song when I was like 8.

Anonymous said...

I've felt like a misfit at times. Thankfully, we know that God always values us even when our fellow man seems to grind us into the dirt.

Appreciate the post! BTW, I've tagged you for the "Eight things about me" meme. You can read my post here. I hope you post a similar list!

Keep up the great blog, Jared

Mark Pettigrew said...

I, too, was one of the folks no one wanted when choosing team members.

I'm always hearing about how kids should play on sports teams because sports develop "team spirit" and cooperation, but it seems to me that what such activities really do is build up the self-esteem of athletically talented people at the expense of others who lack athletic talent.

I was a very gifted and talented kid. It's just that sports didn't happen to be my gift. I don't see the kids who are artistic and literate pressuring those who are not artistic or literate to live up to their expectations. So why is it that jocks seem to think that everyone has to be a jock, and that those who are not great athletes are worthless?

When I first became a Christian, my self-esteem was at an all-time low after having been bullied for a couple of years during junior high.

Thankfully, I learned that Jesus didn't care whether or not I was great at sports. He loved me just as I was.

grace said...

I never thought about why we were expected to live up to athletic expectations. My PE teachers were never very excited about my skills. ;)

I am sure that some jocks felt similarly inadequate in the classroom.

Junior high can be brutal, and it is really sad if it has lasting scars into adulthood.