Thursday, March 15, 2007

Graham on Transition

Continuing some thoughts from my previous post about the book Permission Granted...

One of the areas of teaching where I find Graham to be absolutely brilliant is his understanding of transition and God's process in transition. There are two chapters in the book devoted to the process of transition at the corporate level. The quotes that I will share here are about transition in our personal lives. They are from the Introduction, which is only about a dozen pages of the book.

"Every change involves a letting go of one thing to reach out for what is next. It is death by installments--the slow death of our mindsets our attitudes, perception, and paradigms with apparently nothing obvious to take their place.

There is a death process to be worked through in transition. Future fruit comes from present death.

He (God) loves the journey that we are on. He has carefully thought through all the stages that we will experience. Death and life combine in Him. Find meaning in Him, and you will understand your journey so much better. Everything begins and ends in Him."

"Transition usually throws us together in circumstances that are far less than ideal. Transition involves crisis. Yet crisis leads us to process, through which our road map will deliver us to a new place of promise if we faithfully complete this particular leg of the journey.

In all tribulations and transitions, it is the revelation of God's intention that allows an amazing strengthening to be released into the inner man.

This is the opportunity that God is giving to us in the crisis of transition. He is holding out the very process of inward change and development. Crisis is the door of inward opportunity opening through the danger of external circumstances."

And finally, this helpful bit of wisdom...

"I believe that God is reasonable, except when He chooses not to be."


bjk said...

I have read this post and quotes for several days..."Every change involves a letting go of one thing to reach out for what is next."

the truth of this just felt like I should thank you for this...looking forward to reading the book now I think. THANKS

grace said...

You are very welcome!