Friday, March 23, 2007

Ginger or Mary Ann?

What do you think?
There are no right or wrong answers!


Inheritor of Heaven said...

I don't know either of them (in the pictures).
I always liked Mary Ann better.

sonja said...


Robin said...

Oh, my, word! Grace, it's this kinda thing I see running down my blogreads that stops me dead, lol.

Too...too funny. Who's Lovey...Joel Osteen????

Robbymac said...

The only one I recognize is the fat lazy pastor.

If we're talkin' Gilligan et al., then definitely Mary-Ann.

Or, in WKRP-speak, Bailey.

Just out of curiosity, who IS the second guy?

grace said...

Maybe I should label them.

Yes the first is Mark Driscoll.

The second, I thought for sure you would recognize John Eldredge!

I was thinking of stereotypes, which made me think of Ginger and Mary Ann, which got me to wondering about who the male counterparts would be, and for some reason Mark Driscoll came to mind, and I wondered who might be Mary Ann to his Ginger.

Anyway, it's Friday and that was the deepest thing on my mind today.

grace said...

...unless Mark is Mary Ann in which case Eldredge would be Ginger. It could probably be argued either way, depending on whether you're Calvinist or Armenian. ;)

David Cho said...


Both pictures looked familiar to me, but it killed me that their names escaped me. After squirming in my seat for about 30 minutes, I realized it was Eldredge. And ah yes, Mark Driscoll.

I read Eldredge's book Wild At Heart, and didn't really get it (But both of these guys get really bashed by fundamentalists). Didn't quite get the Ginger vs. Mary Ann thing because I watched very little of Gilligan's Island.

grace said...

I know it was kind of random.

Neither of these guys are especially popular with the emerging folks either.

Although the both promote masculinity, they struck me as being quite opposite.

Also, while Mark is a megachurch-if-it-kills-me guy, John is involved with simple church. It would be extremely interesting to hear a discussion involving both of them.

Trailady said...

Uh- is this a trick question? LOL

grace said...

It was probably a silly question, definitely a Friday random thought. But I knew I could count on a few of my friends to produce interesting commentary.

Joy said...

I would have to choose Eldredge over Driscoll... I would not choose Driscoll even if I had to choose DOBSON!!