Saturday, January 20, 2007

Multiple Choice

It's a busy weekend here in town churchwise. Kind of interesting that it's all happening the same weekend in this little town.

Which to attend?

A. Meetings with pastor interested in planting a church in town.

B. Meetings for those interested in simple/organic church.

C. Meetings with visiting apostle at CLB.

D. Meeting with an old friend who is in town for the weekend.

E. Meeting at the regular Sunday morning church we've been attending.

I will be at some of B and hopefully D, probably skipping E.
Curious about A and C, but definitely not attending.


Robin said...


F. Family worship

(she says with a wink and a smile)

"D" could quite possibly be the most spiritual thing you do all day...

Jim said...

How about 'E' since you shouldn't forsake the assembling together of yourselves...

Robbymac said...


Ya gotta admit... C would be interesting if you could cleverly disguise yourself and just be a fly on the wall...

Or maybe not.

Your priority list looks great!

Steve Sensenig said...


What part of A, B, C, or D has anything to do with "forsaking the assembling"?

Would you care to explain how "the assembling" in the passage to which you allude is defined narrowly as Sunday morning services at a traditional church?

I want to be very gentle with my reply on this, but I am very concerned that our religious traditions have turned Scripture on its head like what you expressed in your reply.

I would have contacted you privately in reply, rather than post this publicly, but you don't have a link on your name, so I don't have a clue how to approach you privately or through your own blog.

Please give your comment and this reply some sincere thought, Jim.

Gary Means said...

I could be wrong, but my impression is that Hebrews 10:25 does not necessarily require coming together at a Sunday morning event. The context is staying in healthy relationship with one another. It can take many forms. The opposite of Hebrews 10:25 is to shun the body, to intentionally disassociate from other Christians. To forsake is to quit or leave entirely; abandon; desert; or to give up or renounce (a habit, way of life, etc.)Do you see Grace doing that? Does missing one Sunday constitute her forsaking assembling together with the Body?

grace said...

My family was out of town for the weekend, otherwise they would have been involved in more of this.
D was great!

If you want to share more about what kind of gatherings you believe meet this command, I would be interested in listening to your thoughts on this. We might not agree, but that's okay.

I would love for you to be a fly on the wall there and then hear your impression of what they're all about. I was going to have you listen to a sermon once, but they have since made their website password protected.

It's interesting and actually really nice feeling more removed from the entire situation.

steve and gary,
It sounds like we are on the same page with this. Sometimes I wonder about when our socializing is considered assembling.

Even in that, I don't want to put meeting boundaries around when and how we minister to one another, although I do believe in the intentionality of gathering sometimes for the purpose of edifying one another in Christ and in the Word.