Friday, December 15, 2006

I See Dumb People

This hit me just right today. Maybe I need more coffee.

Sorry about all the blogger related comment issues. After months of avoiding switching to the new blogger (please don't make me change), I caved because I read that all blogger accounts will soon be assimilated.

You know what's dumb though? Every time I post or leave a comment, I have to sign in with my user name and password. And every single time, I check the little box that says, Remember Me. But does it ever remember me? No!

On an unrelated note...

Bob mentions John MacArthur's latest book on the emerging church and provides some links.

Ed discusses the fact that Makeesha has chosen to shut down her blog.

Brother Maynard links to an article which says that Billy Graham is being pressured concerning his choice of burial spot.


Lily said...

Grace, you crack me up. Now I will think of this every time I see this movie.

And yeah, Blogger has been pretty dumb lately.

David Cho said...

Ah, JMac - my former pastor.

I find it funny (and appropriate although not intended) to see his name right below the menacing looking viper.

iggy said...

Here is the dumbest thing... I have a new beta account... and can't access it! I can search for a post from it and read the post, but even after changing my password
(can't remember password? which had not forgotten!) I still cannot access the dashboard and post, even if i wanted to...

So, if i am to move all my 300+ posts for the last 2+ years... i can't becuase they have issues!!!!

So the frustration gage is on the rise on blogger with me.