Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Blinks

I had an interesting conversation this week with Scott B. at Theopraxis about power, leadership, and authority. Scott is one of the good guys. He is both intelligent and wise. I have great respect for his thoughts and ideas.

These are topics that I enjoy discussing. My husband and I have many fond memories of sitting at our dining table over pizza discussing church leadership for hours with friends who shared our interest in this topic.

Since I spent considerable time putting my thoughts into words, and since Scott spent considerable time answering me, I wanted to provide some links to the conversation. I would love to read your comments there also.

Community in the Image of God: Service (pt 7)
Community in the Image of God: Empowerment (pt 8)

This weekend, I'll be checking out the links that Steve Sensenig posted at Theological Musings He is another incredibly smart and gifted writer involved with simple church. His posts are always worth reading. And he likes me.
Thanks for the link Steve!

Finally, some wise advice for bloggers from the great tall one, Andrew Jones:

Be a vibrant, risktaking, Christlike person who is honest and vulnerable in sharing their WHOLE life as opposed to being an invisible writer of shorter articles.


Steve Sensenig said...

He is another incredibly smart and gifted writer involved with simple church.

That paragraph started out talking about me, and then I read this sentence. I'm not sure who you're talking about in that part of the paragraph! ;)

Thanks, Grace. One of these days you'll have to make your way to the mountains of North Carolina and come visit with my wife and me!

ScottB said...

Aw, shucks, grace. You're too kind. ;)

If you and your husband are ever in the Philly area, drop me a note so we can have you over for that pizza and wine you mentioned.