Thursday, August 31, 2006


August has found us with less and less kitchen and more and more mess. My methodical system of disassembling the kitchen has dissolved into chaos. Have I ever mentioned that I like structure, order, routine, calm, predictability?

In the midst of the mess, we've had company for 2 weeks, I had a garage sale last weekend, and we are headed to a family reunion this weekend.

When we get back, we'll be shutting down the kitchen for good. Then the fun will really begin. And we're supposed to start school on Tuesday.

I miss being connected with all my blog friends and up on all the latest reading. However, I'm afraid it might get worse before it gets better.

Deep breath....I will survive the chaos.


Cindy said...

I understand. We'll be here when you get back!

Robbymac said...

Hmm. Sounds familiar, the chaos I mean. Our kitchen is fine (because I'm leaving it alone...)

fr'nklin said...

I hear ya! I think August was the month for "stuff" to happen. We started school, my wife started a new job (1st one in like 12 years), I'm planting a I completely get what you're saying! Enjoy the down your kitchen is gonna be awesome when you're done. peace...

Bruce said...

Ditto what everyone else has said. We'll be here waiting.

Like your Bill the Cat. ACK! is right.


Lily said...

I'm not going anywhere. Just hanging around.

Wish you the best with the remodel. What a pain but worth it in the end, in hindsight, anuhow. In the meantime you will have to live in it.

Good luck!

David Cho said...

Pictures when the kitchen is done?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to pamper yourself with a new pedicure and a new colour of exotic nail polish.

Kelly said...

we refloored our kitchen last fall and it ended up becoming a three-month project.

it was hard to mask my obsession with cleanliness during that time. i felt completely out of sorts through the whole thing b/c our house was such a wreck.

the project coincided with events in our neighborhood that had us not living at home for a period of three weeks. it was way too much. good luck with your kitchen!

Trailady said...

Hang in there, it will be over before you know it and you will be so glad you did it. :o)

ron cole said...

I hear you sister, we've got two renos going on at the same time in different parts of the house...what was I thinking!!! Or was I.Deconstrcution, restructure, rebuilding...all pretty uncomfortable stuff.

grace said...

Hi all!

Thanks for the encouragement and sympathy.

The other day my son said, "Hey Mom, have you seen the microwave lately." I answered, "Yeah, it's down in the garage."

We are getting closer to completing the packing and demolition. Then we will move into the kitchenless phase which might be easier in some ways because our part of the work will mostly be done.

I meant to tell you that your bathroom looks great! Very calm and tranquil.

After reading the posts about all your roommates and company, I get the feeling that you and Wendy handle chaos pretty well. It's good to have that kind of tolerance.

Good luck to you with your homeschooling. Our first week went pretty well, except today was a little rough.

You have had a lot going on. I'm praying for your latest health issues.

It's nice to know the cat has a name. Am I really the only one who didn't know this?

Yes, the living in it is the "interesting" part.

Definitely pictures, both before and after.

My nail polish is half worn off and it might be awhile before my feet make the list of what gets time and attention.

I could certainly relate to what you said about feeling out of sorts. I've found that I have a need to have the rest of my house extra clean so that I can feel a sense of control and order in the midst of the disorder in the kitchen.

Hopefully it will be soon once the contractor begins his part of the job.

I am thinking that if I were younger and wiser, I would never buy a fixer-upper. But now that we are 20 years into the money pit, I guess we'll just keep going. We do all the demolition ourselves, but for the bigger projects hire the reconstruction. I wonder if they're are some metaphors here. :)