Monday, February 06, 2006


One of the things I like about is that they feature an album that you can listen to in its entirety. At the moment, they are playing Mission Bell by delirious?.

I've enjoyed listening to it this weekend, and track 5, Miracle Maker, is my new favorite song. If you want to hear it, just follow the link, and then click on the link to worship music radio, and don't forget to turn your speakers up. (unless you're at work!)

Speaking of turning your speakers up, my current favorite listen-to-it-really-loud song is Burn For You by Toby Mac. While I tend to prefer worship music and ballads, I always enjoy a song that sounds good really loud so that I can get the speakers in my minivan vibrating. :)

I just have to add that anything by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and Todd Agnew are always on my favorites list.

So how about you? What's your latest favorite (or favourite) song?


Rich said...

I am totally with you as far as Tomlin, Crowder and Agnew. Especially Crowder because the direction his music and writing have gone is different than everyone else in worship music today.

Being a Worship Leader, I sample tons of music to get new ideas for songs to present. I have been spending more time with the PAssion folks (Tomlin, Crowder, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman) than other groups and Crowder is even different from his own crowd.

The latest Derek Webb album Mockingbird is an instant classic. I posted on it over at my site at

It is fantastic and worth checking out.

Kelly said...

All These Things That I've Done
--The Killers

grace said...

I didn't know you were a worship leader. Crowder's passion for the Lord really shines through in his work.

I had never heard of these guys (did I mention I'm old?), so I found a video clip of this song. It was interesting, and I liked it. Thanks for sharing it.

Bruce said...

Got some Casting Crowns on my Shuffle (along with the others mentioned)...really like "Voice of Truth"

Don't feel bad about the Killers thing. One of the young singles I teach was going to a Killers concert and I had no idea what she was talking about.


Debbie said...

Casting Crowns- I'll praise you in this storm

I love your blog

grace said...

Bruce and Debbie,
I like casting crowns too.

I love the message of "Voice of Truth."

I hadn't heard "Praise you in this Storm," but I listened to a clip and it sounds like another great song from them.

Nice to meet you Debbie!

Debbie said...

Nice to be met
I write prophetic words down in my Bible on the notes page and it different reading it back. The confirmation of the prophetic message is always comforting and puts a smile on my face. It also reassures me that God loves me and is looking out for me

grace said...

That is the beauty of prophetic words, knowing God's thoughts about us.

Lily said...

Hey missed this one due to my recovery from the weekend... ;)

Wanted to weigh in :

"Saving' Me" by Nickelback

grace said...

Welcome back lily. I hope you had fun.

I haven't heard of that song either. I guess my christian bubble was bigger than I thought.

Rich said...

Ah the Killers, good stuff. I like the pop/rock resurgence that they and Franz Ferdinand have represented the last couple of years.

I addition to the Worship Leading I am also rhythm guitar/vocal guy for a classic rock cover band. Any big 70's and 80's rockers in the house?

David Cho said...

Little Boxes! I blogged about it. I have been listening to political protest songs from the 60's a lot lately :-)

grace said...

I wasn't much of a rocker, although I liked foreigner. Remember "Cold as Ice"? I also liked the cars.

Eugene Peterson refers to Peter Seeger in his interview about U2. I hadn't heard of him until your last post. I'll take a listen.

Melanie Morales said...

Sorry - I'm a little late weighing in - finally getting caught up on some blog reading..... I'm with you on Toby Mac - Burn For You, Catchafire (whoopsidaisy), and Diverse City - I jam to all of it. My nearly one-year old son likes it, too - so that's pretty cool. I love Casting Crowns and Mercy Me. I just heard Todd Agnew's "My Jesus" the other day - awesome song! I am now intrigued - going to have to check out The Killers - see if it's something I might enjoy! Sounds like my kind of tunes. Our worship leader introduced me to a group called Go Fish - I think their website is I can't remember. They have put out some stuff for kids. Some A Cappella - most of it has drum tracks and some other synth tracks in the background - and the songs really rock - It's a great resource for kids! My son liked the CD nearly as much as Toby Mac. There's a really cool song on their Splash CD called "Ladybug." On another CD - they have a really cool rendition of "Jesus Loves Me." Anyway - I could go on and on about great Christian music!