Saturday, February 11, 2006

Interesting Links

If you're looking for something interesting to read over the weekend, here are a couple of things I've enjoyed reading recently.

First Off the Map has a blog about the ebay atheist they purchased. He is now visiting churches and giving his impression of them in accordance with their purchase agreement. Here is an excerpt from his post about Willow Creek:

I was surprised he had me listening so attentively. I know the sermon could very easily have been boring. After he finished, a small 4-person band sang many songs. The audience sang along. I noticed many people who had their eyes closed, which didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was the whole “Hand up in the air as I sing for Jesus” gesture. Which was followed by the “I’m going to out-Jesufy you and put two hands up in the air as I sing for Jesus” gesture. I don’t get that. Regardless, the music was good.

Also, an interesting interview with Eugene Peterson about Bono and U2:

From what you know of U2's background, do you see anything that would indicate they were "prophets in the making"?
No, to tell you the truth, I think they started out pretty confused and were kind of just messing around. I think they must be as surprised about this -- that people like me are calling them prophets -- as maybe as I am. But doesn't that happen a lot? When we're living with any kind of authenticity, we don't know what we are doing until, suddenly, moments come of clarification -- catalytic moments -- and we see suddenly this is what I am, this is what I'm doing. But in the spiritual life, calculation doesn't work.

Why not?
Well it's because most of it is about the Holy Spirit, not our spirits, and we're in on something much, much bigger than we have any idea of. If we try to contain it, or try to work with boundaries or containers that we understand, we miss 98 percent of it.


Debbie said...

Interesting perspective by the atheist.
I wonder if he failed to mention that "feeling" (Holy Spirit) because he wanted to ignore it or did he even feel the presence of the Spirit at all and if so what does that mean?

grace said...

I don't know debbie. I hope at some point he experiences the holy spirit in a way that is beyond his logic and reasoning. It's been interesting to read so far.

David Cho said...

I really enjoyed reading the atheist's observations, and got extremely put off by some Christians' unsolicited "answers." When will we ever learn to shut up and learn, for crying out loud?

Thanks for the links.

Cindy said...

Grace, thanks for the link to off the map. I had never been to their site before. And I didn't realize the bidding was over on the auction. What an interesting story to follow.
Just eat some soup for me, okay? And try to avoid the Dr.'s office!