Monday, February 20, 2006

Heart Disease

The National Heart Health Association has issued an alert.

"An ancient disease is on the rise, "Pharisaitis".

Symptoms: Cranial swelling, atrophied heart, upturning of the nose, and blind spots.

Populations at Risk: Those active in religious circles should take precautionary measures to avoid this disease, and be educated about early symptoms.

Prognosis: Contagious-- those with extreme Pharisaitis should be quarantined. Diagnosis is the most difficult part of the cure.

Once the patient realizes he/she has contracted the disease, Pharisaitis often goes into remission.

Left untreated, however, Pharisaitis will progress until....
blindness is complete,
swollen head becomes difficult for the neck to support,
heart shrinks and hardens with beats becoming shallow,
and nose becomes so upturned it begins to catch rain.

(photo and post from Rocky Mountain Ministries)
(HT to Lifestream)


Jim said...

Check out Isaiah 65:1-5, particularly verse 5, the others just sort of lead you into this one.....

David Cho said...

Add to psychologica symptoms - anger: vitriolic anger and diatribes expressed toward those who dissent are justified and explained away as "righteous."

Add to physical symptoms - stiff neck
""I have seen this people, and behold, it is a stiff-necked people"[Exod. 32: 9].

Robbymac said...

This is great!

DMofKor said...

That was excellent, I will add the word to my personal dictionary.

grace said...

Glad you liked it.
David, I especially liked the addition of stiff-necked.