Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm Too Busy

The truth is, I wear too many hats.

Between our business and homeschooling my kids, I never get everything done.

I squeeze in trying to go to the gym everyday, grab some groceries here and there, attempt to put a meal on the table most evenings, and do laundry often enough to keep us all clothed.

I just survived the whirlwind of the holidays to find myself facing the pressure of paperwork to be done in January to prepare for tax returns. Also, we're getting company next week, and I'd like the house to look decent.

And the last straw - I have JURY DUTY tomorrow and maybe Friday!

On the off chance that they find me odd or opinionated, I may get to come home early. ;)

Update: I'm home early! Woohoo!


Bruce said...

And yet, thankfully, you find time to blog. What is with our lives today? Why are we so caught up with life that we barely have time to live?

I'll be praying for you.


David Cho said...

It is spelled jury "doody."

grace said...

Blogging is my hobby, so I manage to squeeze it in among the rest of life. But if I sound scattered, it's because I am often doing several things at once.

Homeschooling is what makes my life extra busy. Knowing that I only have a few years left, plus the fact that the time is being spent with my kids helps when the demands seem overwhelming.

They didn't pick me!
What's wrong with me? :)

Sadly, I'm on doody until the end of June, so I'll probably get called again.

Pam Hogeweide said...

Hey Grace,

What you need is a superwoman cape. When I wear mine I have superwoman super powers. I clean my house, hourly, I cook nutritious and delicious meals every morning, noon and night. My friends all call me for my wise, sage advice. I help out at church, volunteer at the kids school, and all of this is accomplished with ease and poise. I get 18 hours of work accomplished in a 12 hours. I earn money, organize interesting outings, and teach time management at the neighborhood women's center.

Unfortunately, I recently misplaced my superwoman cape. So I no longer have access to my superwoman powers. As a result my life is in chaos. My house is messy (tread carefully through the kitchen), my friends stopped calling me, and I don't even know where to go to church anymore. We're out of eggs (again) and last week, when my son asked me for help with his homework, I couldn't do it. I was busy making dinner and so I had to tell him, "Go get your dad." Gasp, go ahead and gasp, I know, I was appalled to, that I could not do more than one task at a time.

I really need my superwoman cape back. I miss having super powers. If anybody finds it please return it. I have a full weekend coming up and I'm not sure how I'll manage. Plus, I think we're almost out of milk (again) and I need to organize the car pool schedule before I go out of town after I catch up on all my clients. Without my superwoman cape I am a mess.

grace said...

I have your cape, and I'm NOT giving it back. Neener, neener. :)