Thursday, December 15, 2005

10 Days!

I am not panicking!!!!


Pam Hogeweide said...

NEITHER AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing my best to stay unplugged from the Christmas machine. I read a book a few years ago that inspired me to not get crazy at Christmas time. I think it was called, Unplugging the Christmas Machine. Written by two women who apparently used to put on some kind of seminar to encourage others to do the same. There book pointed out the ridiculous expectations and pressures women tend to get bogged down by. For instance, the authors asked you to consider the normal time-consuming household tasks that must continue to be accomplished, things like laundry, grocery shoppiing, housecleaning, etc....then, they directed you to write down every thing you wanted to do in the Christmas season, like bake cookies, write Christmas cards, shop for gifts, wrapping and mailing, the tree, and so forth. The final step was for you, Super Woman, to see that no matter how grand your Christmas plans are there are still only 24 hours in a day. Their suggestion was cut back and keep
Christmas simple. It inspired me to let go of the whole gotta-send-a-Christmas-card-and-family-newsletter every season. Now I am kinder to myself and I willingly let it go, like this year, no cards this year.

Nearly every Christmas the spirit of depression, rather than the spirit of Christmas, will sneak into my house and like a fog, cover my senses and dull my joy. I don't want to be too analytical about why this is. Relaxing about the whole Christmas production, thought, does help keep me from descending into the black hole. Oh, and also chocolate, lots of chocolate keeps me on track.

I have to say, not being in a church right now is also making this year's Christmas calendar a whole lot lighter. No choir practices for the kids, which means no choir performances, no Sunday school Christmas parties to organize nor attend, no church productions to dress up for, it's kinda nice.

Well, I gotta go, I need to find some chocolate which is sort of like an anti-depresant for me. Have you ever seen that t-shirt: Give me all your chocolate and nobody will get hurt! :-)

Merry Christmas

Robbymac said...

Nice pic, Grace! I guess you changed your mind after commenting over at Maynard's place.

Seeing as I already know Brother Maynard's real name and what he looks like, I'm glad you put your pic up and he didn't. :)

What made you change your mind, if I may ask?

Regina Clare Jane said...

Yes, it is a nice picture! I am so not into Christmas this year- and I mean the Ho-ho Christmas. I love Christmas Day- that's about the only day I can get excited. Being with family, reading the Christmas story- the real one, eating good food- that's about it for me. I feel fine about that too!

Cindy said...

So how do you feel now that you're out there in the wide open and everything?

grace said...

Again, I totally agree with you. I'm guessing as things get down to the wire, I'll be prioritizing what actually gets done this year, and what gets left behind. This weekend will pretty much determine what happens.

I'm hoping one of these years, I will find a way to truly enjoy Christmas.

Thanks Robby and Cindy! You'll find the explanation in my latest post.