Saturday, November 26, 2005

Shop Till You Drop

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving Day with just our family. I wasn't up for entertaining this year. The food was excellent, if I do so say myself. I wonder why it always turns out better when you don't have company?

It's become a bit of a tradition at our house for everyone to go through the sale ads on Thanksgiving day and put together Christmas wish lists.

Then, I hate to admit it, I get up early the day after Thanksgiving and go shopping with all the other crazy people. I have found it to be a good day to get the majority of my shopping done and out of the way. I don't stand in line for all the hot deals, but I make my way from store to store checking off my list.

I left my house at 4 a.m. I stuck a few protein bars in my purse and made sure I had a steady flow of caffeinated beverages. I consider this my version of hunting. By the end of the day I was a little frazzled and glad to be safely home, mission accomplished.


Cindy said...

Shock and awe. That's all I can say.

grace said...

I'm a little embarrassed to post that.

I buy my kids Christmas gifts (we're pretty conservative with it) which means I have to shop.

My approach to all of the stuff of Christmas is "get it over with"!

Today will be get-the-decorating-over-with day.

David Cho said...

Um. Are those really yours? (whispering very very quietly) I mean the legs...

grace said...

I wish!

I wore sensible shoes and still could barely walk by the end of the day.

Cindy said...

david you crack me up! they're mine, of course. (take off about 6 inches, add a little flesh, a pair of holey jeans and worn out running shoes with paint spots and the laces half untied-- and viola' it's me!)