Thursday, September 08, 2005

Emerging/Missional Dudes

In the interest of diversity and fairness, it seems that we should have a post to bring attention to some of the emerging/missional blogs written by men that resonate with readers. I would like to know which blogs by men others are reading and why they identify with them.

Obviously some of my favorite male bloggers (that I have discovered so far) are on my blogroll. In order to prevent a testosterone-filled competition or bruised egos, I will refrain from saying who my most favorites are.

I identify with the blogs that I read for various reasons. There are those I view as someone to follow. I learn from their writing and experience. There are others who seem to be at a similar place on their journey. It’s helpful to learn from them as they wrestle with the same issues. Finally, there are some whose writing and personality I find entertaining.

If you would like to comment on some of your favorite male bloggers, we could perhaps compile a list from those comments. Before the list is presented though, it’s critical to point out that it isn’t possible to compile an exhaustive list, and some important men bloggers may be missing from the list. Many of the men tend to blogroll one another, so by starting with those listed here and with a minor amount of further digging, you can easily find a treasure trove of dudebloggers.


Emilio Migro said...

Check my blog please.

fr'nklin said...

Okay, this is difficult, but here goes:
1. Jesus The Radical Pastor - John Frye - always thoughtful, challenges me to think of Jesus in ways I wish I could, and always passionate.
2. Subversive Influence - Brother Maynard - The bro' thinks in a much wider range than I feel capable so I'm always exposed to good thinking...also, there's a bit of humility here that expresses itself in a genuine desire to encourage others.
3. The Jesus Creed - Scot McKnight - Good topics (Kingdom of God, Lord's Prayer, Conversion, etc.) and lots of action on the comments. Nice to have a professional theologian interact w/ normal people.
4. Backyard Missionary - Andrew Hamilton - some of the most "edgey" thinking about what it means to be missional thatI've encountered in the blogosphere.

That's all I'll list...for now.

grace said...

Good choices fr'nklin.

I've visited several of your sites. Which would you recommend linking to?

James said...

Fr'nklin has some good ones there. I'd add:

Tall Skinny Kiwi - Andrew Jones - global perspective, witty, deep and very aware of the blogosphere
Theoblogy - Tony Jones - depth, honesty and passionate
Emergent Voyageurs - Jamie Arpin-Ricci - a missional Canadian living/ministering in the inner city

That represents blogs coming out of 3 coutries.


fr'nklin said...

Hey grace...
I'm not sure I understood what you were asking me...but I think you actually link to 3 of the 4 sites I mentioned. The only one I didn't see you linking to was Scot McKnight's The Jesus Creed. Did I miss something??? I'm slow today...late night and an early morning...

Oh, and James...very nice choices!

BTW, grace, you're in my top 5...but your not a man...that's why I only gave you 4 sites...!


grace said...

Aw thanks Franklin!

I was asking about your personal blog sites. When I've looked you up I end up at several sites, and I wondered which one you would recommend linking to.

Or maybe I'm just confused. :)

I read Scot frequently from the planet emergent site. In fact his post today was a favorite of mine.

Peace to you too.

fr'nklin said..., it has been a LONG day! Okay, so my site is:

This is the site I work at...I just cut and paste to the blogspot site.

I'm going to have a new one soon (readthinkpray) - I'm trying to blog with my youth group through two different devotionals. I'll blog 3 times a week for my HS (Enjoy The Silence by Duffy Robins) and 2 times a week for MS (Memorize This, Navigators). I'm hoping our youth will interact w/ me on the experiment...we'll see if it becomes a kind of corporate devotional...if it works I'll tell you about it. Thanks!

Cindy said...

let's add

Robbymac said...

Hmm. You've already got most of my list. I'd suggest looking at, which is written by Len Hjalmarson. Since coming to Kelowna a few weeks ago, Len and his family have embraced us and welcomed us to the area (our daughters are in the same high school, as well).

It's made the transition from Winnipeg a little easier, although I really miss hanging out with Brother Maynard, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, and Grey Owl. Great guys, all.

Cindy said...

I forgot Tim Bednar-

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

Hey! Cool, I got mentioned. Thanks James.


[rhymes with kerouac] said...

In order to prevent a testosterone-filled competition or bruised egos...

Oh that'll happen! (And 'dudeblogger' is definitely the word of the day!)

jane said...

I love brother buck- you gotta check out his web. He's a christian, his wife is helping in the relief effort and he brings up some interesting thoughts. My favorite is his blog about his super hero son...

Tammy Jo said...

Grace: I love your picture of the stereotypical Emerging Dude. . > I think I know him!!! The glasses, the shaved head to deal with the reality of balding. . . Thats great. . Glad to find your site.


jane said...

oh, by the way, I just started my own blog if you want to peek at it.

It has a lot of typos already, just trying to figure things out..

grace said...

Cindy, great additions.

Robby, Len's site was one of the first places I used to read before I even knew what a blog was. I think an article of his showed up when I was googling about church issues.

Jamie, of course you are on there. I updated my links tonight to include you also.

Rhymes,(can I call you that?), you are a dudeblogger, right?

Jane, it's nice to see you here. Good luck with getting your blog up and running.

Tammy Jo, it's nice to meet you. I'm glad you like the picture too. It makes me smile.

This has been fun, and some great blog sites have been mentioned.

Later dudes and chicks!

[rhymes with kerouac] said...

A dude indeed.

And please, do call me Rhymes.

Robbymac said...

Hey Tammy Jo,

Watch the balding jokes, eh? There's no good way on the planet to go bald with any sense of dignity, hence the tendency to just get all extreme and shave what little is left.

-just-a-girl- said...

I keep an eye on:

The Weary Pilgrim

I find these men to be real, raw and challenging - transparent and thought provoking.

Sorry i don't know how to link those but the addy's are:,,

Toasted Liquid is good too=

grace said...

thanks sliverzgirl, I'll check them out. My blogroll is getting out of control because there are so many good ones out there.