Saturday, August 27, 2005

CRS Syndrome

Sadly, it seems that I have come down with CRS Syndrome.
It is unknown if there is a cure or even a remedy for this disease.

To those of you unfamiliar with it,
CRS is Can't Remember Stuff Syndrome,
or in more advanced cases it is
Can't Remember Shit Syndrome.

This has been particularly debilitating to me because in my earlier years I was a very organized, precise person. With a somewhat photographic memory and a sequential thought process, storage and retrieval of facts was a simple process.

This memory of details was particularly helpful during arguments. I could remember word for word what others said and recall it whenever necessary. I always knew when I was right. Now I dare not argue because there is such a high likelihood that I am wrong. (Hubby enjoys the new "wrong more often" version of me.)

With blogging, what I find frustrating is recalling where I read something of interest. While reading, I usually try to make note of anything I want to save or link back to. But often it seems that something I didn't save will be on my mind several days later, but I can't remember where I read it!

I've noticed it in writing also. My thoughts used to develop in outline form, but now they are incredibly random. I know that there are many people born with this random type of thinking. However, I find it very disconcerting to find this sudden change in my mental abilities at this time in my life.

As a woman, hormones are a handy scapegoat for most things. It is possible that it is just the complexity of life with many irons in the fire that has overtaxed my memory. Possibly we are only given a specific memory capacity, and mine is just used up. Or maybe I really did kill off some brain cells in college.

It's really too bad.
I miss my former more reliable brain.


Rich said...

I thought I was the only one!

David Cho said...

Grace, you might want to go back and permanently delete comments. There is that option so that you don't have those "comment deleted" lines.

Were they spam?

grace said...

Thanks David.
Deleting was new to me.
Yes, they were spam.

David Cho said...

I have not been hit by them. Yet.

Sigh. I wonder how yours got selected even though yours is newer than mine. It's probably a matter of time.

grace said...

I wondered if it's cuz I used the word "shit." :)

See what happens when you swear!

Cindy said...

Did I write this post? No- wait- wrong blog- or did I go back- I ...I... . Uh- what day is it- I think I'm supposed to be some..., but... uh... once upon a time, my name and the words, "magna cum laude" were used in the same sentence. I think they were merely mocking me in advance.
great post.

grace said...

Yes Cindy, one of life's cruel middle-age jokes.

Judith said...

Ihave just found your blog via a search engine - I was looking for CRS. I have been complaining in much the same way on my blog here:
The frustration is horrendous, isn't it?

wuzblynd said...

Hello Grace,
I too am a woman who left 'church' to spend more time with God. He is a much more enjoyable companion out of than inside most every church I have found. I too 'used' to be detailed and capable mentally. I have found through His Grace and my husband's very rare and very aggresive cancer that there is much in life that has a much greater importance than winning an argument or being able to remember every detail. Love for the Lord and service to others has much more value in His eyes.
I am now almost enjoying my CRS syndrome!
God bless you
because of Jesus

Anonymous said...

I've heard that taking the fish oil vitamin help this....