Monday, July 11, 2005

Emerging Defined

To rise from, as if from immersion
This definition fits me because I am coming out of:
traditional church
religious obligation
spiritual abuse

To come forth from obscurity
As far as obscurity goes, I am a middle-aged, middle class woman from the midwest. I'm not sure you can get more obscure than that. In some ways, I am pursuing obscurity. Having been involved in church leadership and teaching, I am learning to "minister" in ways that are simple, common, and obscure.

To become evident
I am discovering and learning many things on this new journey I find myself on.
I have been exploring:
the emerging conversation
new ways of being the church
a new way of living in the kingdom and expressing Christ in me

To come into existence
As this blog begins, the name I chose has several meanings to me.

emerging grace - the grace to personally emerge, the grace to grow into all that I am created to be

emerging grace - a grace that is emerging, knowing and understanding the grace of God in the season I am in

emerging grace - a grace to understand the conversation surrounding emerging church

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